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Diverse history leads to unique
perspective at RayPaul Industries

-----When Paul Neal founded RayPaul Enterprises, located in North Marietta, GA., in 1972, the company was engaged in HVAC contracting and residential construction.
-----Paul's goal was to develop a business climate where his engineering skills and inventive nature could be used in solving problems in a variety of applications.
----- While building a strong service business and a solid reputation in commercial construction, Paul was approached by companies requesting installation, service and modification of commercial freezers and ovens.
----- In 1976, he was asked to design and construct a gas-fired screen print drying oven. Such a product did not exist on the market at that time.
----- Success with the gas-fired appliance led Paul to explore new heat process applications. As a result, RayPaul quickly gained a reputation for being able to meet the needs of manufacturers in the industrial finishing marketplace as well.
----- Since 1981, the Systems division of RayPaul has specialized in the design, manufacture, service and installation of turnkey finishing equipment for the powder coating industry.
----- In the late '80s, RayPaul recognized a growing need for contract powder coating services in the Southeast United States. That vision culminated in 1990 when RayPaul put into operation its first contract powder coating system in a separate 10,000 sq. ft. facility on RayPaul's 11-acre complex. In 1992, the growth of RayPaul Coating made it necessary to expand that facility to 24,000 sq. ft. and add a second coating line.
----- RayPaul's diverse history has led to its unique perspective on a variety of processes and products. This enables the company to offer an experienced eye concerning long and short-term production capabilities, potential problems and solutions and help its customers to increase their abilities and meet their goals.
----- Those customers vary across the different product lines, but RayPaul's base ranges from startup companies to Fortune 500. Most of its business is found in medium-sized companies in the metal fabricating market throughout the Southeast.
----- RayPaul's multiple divisions produce goods and services for the textile, metal forming and other OEM's, including material handling products, conveyor dryers, air movement equipment, bake ovens, washers and custom heat process equipment.
----- On April 1, RayPaul Industries opened its third contract powder coating facility, located in Lavonia, GA, approximately five miles from the South Carolina border on Interstate 85. The 20,000 sq. ft. plant employs 10 people. This facility is conveniently located and well equipped to service the metal working industry in the Carolinas and Northeast Georgia.
----- The addition of key management personnel has allowed RayPaul to simultaneously pursue multiple market places. The dedication and spirit of the company's 100 employees creates the family-oriented environment that keeps RayPaul strong.
----- Automated fabricating abilities coupled with computer programming and networking have also enhanced RayPaul's ability to serve its customers.

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